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to the Temple of your birth
Te whare o hineteiwaiwa

Feminine Embodiment facilitator, holitstic Birth and postpartum Doula

The call of The Feminine is louder than ever before.

The rebirth that we are experiencing is the birthing of not just the self, its a rebirthing of all that we know. 

I am in deep service to the Remembering the Sacredness of The Mother, Mothers and our innate primal knowing to birth not just our children, It includes the rebirth of ourselves.

The nourished, embodied Woman 

She that can sustain her fullness to then sustain the children

The Maiden that is moving to the threshold of Mother and is ready to hold herself in her rising

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Kia ora I'm Maddie

Welcome Womens, Sisters, Daughters

Now more than ever is a time to listen and awaken even more to the call that is your Rememberance, your birthright & your Returning to who you really are

The threshold and spiral staircase of a inner knowing that lead you here. 

A bridge for you to walk across onto a pathway that is that of the Feminine, The Mother, The Goddess and the place that you will move through the layers, meet yourself in the shadow and remerge with a deep reverence and fierce stand in your Woman

The pull toward coming home to Her, to nourish, to feed, to care, to speak and to rise is now. 

To live and thrive in your body and experience the full spectrum of what life can be when you are embodied and in devotion to your truth.

Reconnecting to our cycles and menstruality, to trust our innate wisdom to birth 

To use your voice and allow your womb to speak for they are interconnected.

To gather with Women and share, receive and take self responsibility for our radiance and Essence, life force.

When we Mother ourselves, we can then tend to other

When we heal the Mother, we can heal the world

We need the holding of Mothers, the support, the nourishment, the reverence for the journey of the Becoming.


That's what I'm here for

What I work with

All my work, offerings and teachings are rooted in the path of the Feminine. This is reclamation work and will have embodiment and Somatics in your journey.

Feminine Embodiment & Somatics

Women’s Menstruality & Cycle awareness

Empowered Birth & Postpartum courses

Womens Circles, Birthing Circles & Ceremonies

Postpartum planning online workshops 

Holistic Doula prenatal & Postpartum services

Coming 2023

Do you desire an empowered birth and nourishing  

A 6 week online course to give you tools for empowered birthing & a nourishing postpartum where the you can be held as Mother.

Register below for course release dates


Imagine how you would feel and what your life would be like if you were to embody, honor and thrive in the throne of your body

if you had been guided, witnessed, and held at your most potent experiences, milestones and events in your life?


“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years she practices it.
At menopause she becomes it.

Native American saying

What clients say

 "A key take away for me was learning the significance of self mothering and how much transformation I’ve had from the tools I was given. I felt incredibly seen, held and acknowledged with Maddie. Her medicine is needed within this world and I highly recommend working with her.


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