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The spiral staircase down to the womb holds the seat of wisdom. It is the door to reclaiming your voice. The Inner seasons reflect the outer seasons of your world in every moment

The throne of your body holds your essence

I'm in service to The Feminine and our life force

For the Mothers  Daughters in their rising

For Reclamation of our

For supporting, guiding and empowering Women to be Embodied in their Expression

To guide a pathway to Liberation, Intimacy and connection

For you to remember your
Innate, primal knowing in Birth, Mothering and Motherhood

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About Me

Welcome I am so grateful and honored you are here reading this. 

I am a Mama to 2, A Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, sacred space holder for Womens Circles, teach Empowered Birth and deeply devoted to the path of The Feminine through the lense of and guiding Women in their Rememberance by reconnecting to the wisdom of Menstrual Cycle awareness and Womb Energetics.

My pathway and journey to sharing and teaching this work was the total opposite. I was the go getter, the hustler or go home and addicted to the sensation of being busy and in the doing...

My experience of embodiment came through Yoga where I was so numb to sensations from living in my mind that this was a huge opening for me into a practice of softness, spirituality of sorts and learning to how to nurture my nervous system.

I taught yoga for 6 years as my business and although my practice deepened there was still an element of control and structure that kept me feeling contained. 

It was finding and studying PsychoSomatics using the powerful tools of sound, breath and movement in a whole new way. To not soothe and move away or calm as alot of the work out there tends to do.

These tools allowed access to deeper layers within the body to look at shadow work, trauma patterns, stuck and stagnant energy lines and to turn toward the emotions. 

My initiation into Motherhood for the second time took me to the threshold of looking at what and how Mothers, Women are treated within the role of Mothering, Birthing and postpartum care of Mothers in general.

It showed me the disconnection and severence there is to our menstrual cycles, how grief, rage and anger are taught to be swallowed and soothed, rather than supported to be felt expressed and held in a space of support to do so.

I allowed the threads of inner knowing to lead me to Motherwound and Rewilding the Mother work.

My work now is to be in service to Women to guide them in remembering their own Essence, for them to Feel their life force through connecting to their voice through waking the womb.

The weaving of threading of our innate wisdom to trust, surrender and allow full self expression. 

That to be nourished, nurtured and taking care of their needs and desires is a birthright. 

To be in self responsibility for their choices and empowered to make them in sovereignty.

The passion I hold deeply is to guide our young girls in their preparation for their Menarche, first bleed. How they approach this, how they connect to it is a reflection of how they feel and see themselves. 

How they are supported and celebrated rather than shamed by it as our current society has done stays and is carried with them through womanhood until they show up at the altar of their birth with their children.

I believe if we can guide them into this potent and powerful Rite of Passage into womanhood and Maiden that this will light the path for them move through the future years with more self respect, reverence for self care and tending to the inner well.

To be yourself in a world that tells you to be anything but that is a beautiful, powerful standing in your truth. So to go down through the layers, let them burn and for you to trust that the spiral down to shadow will and always is a cycle. 

The bigger the death the bigger the rebirth. 

I have many things and worn many hats in this lifetime. 

I have been a teenage mama, a powerhouse in the corporate world,  a Burlesque performer & Entertainer, A Judge in bikini model searches, Owner of two spray tanning business that travelled the country tanning athletes and models, worked in Appearance Medicine and Injectables and Yoga Teacher. 

Now I spend my life in service to sharing the knowledge of Birth in all its meanings, teaching Tantra and Rewilding Motherwork and passionate to empower our young girls on their Rite of Passage in Menstruation. 

I am in training to become a Postpartum Doula and truly believe that if we can hold and nourish the Mother the baby is nourished. 

A mother centric birth & Holistic Postpartum is what we need to move back toward if we want our Mothers and children to be thriving.

You will find me most days on the beach, dancing wherever I feel called to, curled up with a good book and staring at the ocean for hours. 

I love creating in the kitchen, its like a cauldron, music and festivals light my spirit.

Mostly I love snuggling my little one, smelling her hair and watching her marvel and the simplicity of life as she knows it at the age of 3.

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Pregnant Belly

It is time to reconnect to the primordial pulse of Mother, through the wisdom of our womb, primal innate knowing and the trusting of our body intelligence 

Certifications and training

Facilitation Trainings

Holistic Birth Doula Certification The Matrona 

Postpartum Doula Certification The Matrona ( currently Training)

Feminine Embodiment 200Hr - The School of Tantric Arts

PsychoSomatics & Trauma Informed -Kylie Rook Inspired Training

The Creatrix Training - Cassandra Wilde

Women's Circle Initiation Facilitation - Global Sisterhood


Mother Blessing Ceremony - Cassandra Wilde

Mother To Maiden Rite of Passage - Sarah Durham-Wilson

Ancestral Healing -Dr Daniel Foor

Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Yoga Teacher Training -PowerLiving (now Awhi yoga)

Yin Yoga Training - Joe Barnett

Barre/ Pilates Certification -Xtend Barre 


SLAY 12 month mentorship - Perri Chase

The Arrival Mature Feminine Leadership - Sarah Durham-Wilson

The Descent - Kerrie Louise

1.1 Coaching 

These sessions are 3 or 6 month agreement and 3 month is the minimum required if you are new to my work. 

Single sessions are able to be booked if you have worked with me before

Image by Monika Kozub

1.1 coaching 

Minimum 3 month agreement 

Weekly or fortnightly 90 minute calls via zoom

Hand Shadow

What happens in a session

We explore what feels alive for you at the time of your call

I facilitate Feminine Embodiment so a combination of Somatics Breathwork, Sound and Movement to access patterns and stagnant energy within the body

Image by Matt Hardy

Additional Support in the 1.1

You will receive summary notes for reflection

Access to The House Of Shakti with teachings, practices and live events 

Whats app to Maddie to reflect and message

PDF Journal to use for reflections 

Coaching and mentoring

I offer 1:1 client sessions online 

If you have worked with me before then single session calls can be booked 

If you have not worked with me before then the minimum requirement is a 3 month commitment. 

We can schedule these calls to be weekly or fortnightly and are done via zoom.

Calls are 90 minutes in length and you will receive summary notes to reflect on in between calls.

I work with a range of modalities in our time together which can include Somatic breathwork, sound and movement. 

I also require self responsibility for you to have the understanding this is not a quick fix or medical diagnosis. 

I will work with what I see in your body and the conversation we have and for you to be open to the adjustments around patterns and behaviors I feel and see in these calls

You will have access to The House Of Shakti the online community for Women and the teachings and live calls while in your container with me

You will have whatsapp messaging to me 

There will be guided audio recordings practices for you to explore 

Book in a discovery call 

Lets chat a little more and see that we are a great fit to work together with a free 15 minute discovery call with me


Your full expression and moving in embodied truth is the medicine this world needs 

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The pathway and pillars of how I work

I am devoted to the path of The Feminine, Sacred Arts, Rites of Passage and teachings through the spirituality and lineage of Tantra.

This is Reclamation work.

I support fully the cyclical beings we are and the spectrum of approval for all the emotions we are to experience in this lifetime.

To heal, reconnect and feel the pulsation of life force and that of the Mother. 

In the land, the womb, the Mother of children and the Mother energy that we all have regardless of birthing. 

I work with Embodiment, so that is being and inhabiting the Body and its sensations and working with the nervous system to rewire and rewrite the stories and behaviors that the experiences and memory within the body that keeps looping and putting the body back into a response which is no longer occurring.

I work within the cycles of tracking and inner seasonal awareness of Menstruation and Womb energetics. The Womb, Yoni or Vagina, Heart & Throat are all connected energetically. For us as Women to Reclaim this Sacred time of bleeding we have to learn to find approval, acceptance and connection to this part of us. 

To wake up the womb is to wake the voice. 

We are cyclical beings and our bodies reflect that in our 28 day cycle. With this comes the inner season of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and also the cycle of Death, Rebirth and Life.

We have been taught that our blood, our sacred life force is inconvenient, to hide it, to be shamed and to not allow it any space to effect how we push through our days. 

I have reverence and honor the Rites of Passage that have been forgotten and dismissed along with the wisdom and threshold walking that must occur. These Rites of Passage were celebrated in Tribe, within Village, Iwi and also Community to acknowledge this important part of a persons life and transition. 

These are a girls first period,

The Maiden To Mother Journey and becoming a Mother 

Birth of children 

Postpartum and the fourth trimester for the Mother



Working with me will always include 

Embodiment work

Integration and allowing slow deep unwinding this is not a quick fix or goal orientated process. If you are seeking that then I am not the teacher for you.

Self responsibility and commitment from you.

Where do I sign up!

The wounded Feminine, The Damsel and the " I need saving" is the work we are unpacking

The repression, the silencing, the hiding is what you are here to Liberate 

Deep diving and self responsiblity is required and the level to which you find your truth and transformation is in reflection on how much you are willing to commit to your evolution in the processes

You will look at your conditionings around belief systems, values and patterns to life the veil on what is yours and what you have masked as the Good Girl, the pleaser, the matyr. All the toxic ego and identities that we cling to for worth, purpose and approval.


What clients can heal and learn  

How to reconnect with your Feminine Essence

How to find self approval and self responsibility for your truth

Clarity on your patterns, emotional addictions, & trauma responses

Connection to sacred sexuality and sensuality within your own body

How to track, live and embody cyclical living in all aspects of your day

Reclaiming your Woman with Womb work and awareness

To Mother yourself with compassion, and nourishing your Inner Child

To FEEL and listen to your innate body intelligence and trust it

Empowered Birthing and Postpartum tools

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