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Birth & Becoming

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When the baby is born
So too is the Mother

Welcome to The Birth Temple

This is the Temple of The Mother 

A sacred Rite of Passage through the portal of Birth 

The threshold She will walk to traversing her journey of Maiden to Mother

Birth is a sacred event as we know yet Postpartum and how we Hold the Mothers is how they in turn can hold the baby

Birth & Becoming 

An online Holistic Birth & Postpartum Preparation journey

This combines traditional wisdom, ancient teachings and modern practices to prepare Mothers and her village for the portal of Birth and her journey into her Becoming Mother.

Birth is a sacred event yes, we must also honor the transition of the woman's Rite of Passage that she walks in her postpartum period 

The foundation and pillars of this course are created to support, nurture and create space for the care and community that the Mother will require so that she can flourish and heal. These are based on innate wisdom that if the Mother has the village and safety created, she can focus on the needs of her baby as these vital support people will hold her in this process of rebirthing herself in between worlds


Practices that will allow the physical body to heal after birth


Connecting to breath, sound and movement for birth & hypnobirthing techniques

Connection and Community

Cultivating the village and wider whanau to support, assist and allow this sacred transition in slow intentional planning for postpartum

What if we looked at postpartum depression and anxiety and questioned where the preparation and support were to hold our mothers. 
So they could honor the most powerful transition of their life.

How we journey

We meet weekly over 6 weeks via zoom and these are in our Mighty Networks private online space, off social media.

All call recordings are here if you need to watch the replay and cannot attend the live calls. 

All course material, workbooks and meditations can be accessed here. 

You will need to set up Mighty Networks an App which is free to do so

Your partner or birthing support person is welcome to attend this course with you. 

In week 6 there is a Women's Circle call and I preface now that this is only for Women to attend.

Birth & Becoming modules

You will receive workbooks for reflections and notes. Meditations and embodiment practices to deepen trust with your body and attunement to your instrinsic knowing for Birth

Image by Gavin McGruddy

Rite of Passage & Innate Birthing 

Birth as a portal for the transition into Mother. 

Rites of Passage what they are

Image by Laureen Missaire

Your Empowered Birth 

Finding your voice and creating boundaries for birth & postpartum. We explore fears and blocks and how to naviagate these

Image by Jana Sabeth

Embodied Holistic Birthing 

Cultivating relationship with your body and sensations to bring deeper trust for birth

Image by Oliver Pacas

Reframing and reclaiming Postpartum

The transition to Mothering and how to build your nest enabling rest and support systems to hold you

Image by Jason Leung


Guest facilitator Clare Yee on Hypnobirthing cultivating connection to intentional birth techniques & tools to draw on

Image by Janine Joles

Mother as Temple Postpartum care

Learn the changes physical, emotional, spiritual that you will walk through. Healing practices for Womb, Body and Spirit in the 6 weeks postpartum


Meet your facilitators


Maddie Brosnan

Maddie is a Mother of two children 24 and 3 yrs old. Maddie has a background in corporate and has facilitated to groups and in 1:1 mentoring programs for the last 4 years devoted to teachings of the Feminine and Tantra.

She is a certified Yoga Teacher and has a deep sense of purpose to sharing the Feminine Pathway including Rites of Passage and Menstruation. 

Maddie is Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Holistic Birth Doula and is a guide for Walking women Home to their bodies


Claire Shamilla

Announcing soon!

Since 2008 Claire has supported women around the world to release fears and awaken to their most confident, grounded and radiant selves.

She has taught Hypnobirthing to over 1000 expecting couples over the past decade. 

She holds a degree in Education, is an accredited life coach EFT Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and an Advanced PSYCH_K Facilitator

Who is this for?

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

If you are desiring an empowered Birth and Postpartum

If you are wanting to address fears, blocks and barriers around birth and trusting your body

If you are wanting to reclaim your Rite of Passage in birthing and Mothering

If you have a birthing partner who is wanting to know how best to support you in these seasons of Birth and Postpartum

If you are needing to create boundaries and speak your voice around your Birth intentions with wider whanau

If you are looking for more Holistic tools for healing Postpartum in the body and nutrition


If you are wanting to prepare and plan for your Postpartum to be nourishing, nurturing and supportive so you can transition with support to truly rest 


What you receive 

Weekly live calls 

Access to recordings in private online space off social media

Guest speakers


Meditations and Embodiment practices in audio and video

Birthing Intention template 

Yin Yoga Pre natal class

Closing Women's Circle

Supportive online community of Sisters sharing this journey with you

Doors will open in 2023

Be the first to know when they do and jump on the waitlist now

Image by Dayna Lepp


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