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Welcome to The House of Shakti

This is a community for Women 

In this free and membership space you will have access to practises, support, teachings, and a pathway to this work of The Feminine.

The House has two spaces you can join

The Shakti Temple 

The Mothers Village

All of the content is using the Mighty Networks platform where you have access to the free community space. 

Membership option coming May 2023


The Shakti Temple

Within the Mighty Networks platform and inside the House of Shakti is The Shakti Temple. 

This is where you will meet your community of other Women in the space on their own journey and open to the teachings on The Feminine through a Tantric and Spiritual lense. 


The Mothers Village

The Mothers Village is dedicated to Postpartum and Birth. 

We gather in online Monthly Mothers Circle a space that we can connect, reflect and share the raw and real seasons we move through as Mothers. 

Mothers need other Mothers and so this Village was birthed with this in my heart.


Accessing content

Within the community and two spaces there is the free teachings and live events you can attend. 

There is guest speakers and live streams and prompts that create conversations and community. 

What happens in The House of Shakti?

If you desire a place that is away from social media, in a community of like minded Women who are open to the pulsation of life and walking their path in their Remembering of The Feminine? 

Join us in The House of Shakti 
Your community of Women, Mothers, Daughters 

Join The House of Shakti 

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