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A 6 month container 

Your Rewilding and Primal Essence journey

The path that wakes you up to REMEMBER your Intrinsic encoded way of be-ing in this world 

A version of You that is EMBODIED, dripping in her Essence

SHE is nourished

SHE is deeply connected 

SHE is guided by her Surrender and trust to her intuition

SHE is life force

SHE is Rooted in the Throne of her Body 

Hand Shadow

The layers that we are shed every time we are met with a choice to let go of an ego, a false identity, a mask we are wearing. 

This is a opportunity to initiate again for us to unravel, feel the mess, allowing the arms of The Mother and our own feminine hold us in the descent

The piece is to trust. To trust the inner river that flows within you.

It is the plugging in to the primordial pulse of life itself through your body

To re root back to the medicine and nourishment of the earth

To stop existing in burnout and depletion and to THRIVE and radiate in your desires


To walk yourself through the journey of your transformation, reclamation and remembering.


Deep within your bones is the lineage and red thread that has landed you here in this world, in this timing.

This is where you get to choose what it is that you serve and stand for

This is where you can choose to heal and rewrite the future for your Motherline 

This is where you become the the changemaker

The Creatrix, The Mother, The Wise Woman

She has always been there

So now we Remember 



WOMAN is my 6 month mentorship program 

This a learning and relearning of who you are. 

The core pillars of this program are Feminine Embodiment and creating a relationship with your inner knowing, inner safety and nervous system. 

You will be peeling back the layers of conditioning around your sexuality, your beliefs, your values and reclaiming your Woman in her Nourished, Desired & Empowered Intrinsic state.


This is a journey to The Remembering of You.

This is my foundational body of work and the landing home back in your body. 

Its a rebuilding and reconnection to the deeper layers of the body. 

Cultivating an intimate relationship with her and the Feminine Intrinsic Innate way of our being.

I have returned and journeyed potent piece of work many times and each path is different, because the layers are deeper. 

The shedding reveals more and the tools and practises in this container have become my way of being. 

Embodiment is being in the body and with that awareness and consciousness the expansion to what life can open you up to is limitless

The Women I have seen transform and evolve in this work is magic and medicine for not just themselves, yet the world receives the magic too. 

More Women in this state of being, thriving, expressing and rising is what the collective is calling for.....

Self discovery, self responsibilty, self devotion

Reclaiming & Reconnecting your physical body

Your sexuality

Your Essence

Your Desires 

Your Woman

These pieces to hold you in your opening, in your receptivity, in your Becoming


this is the Women who know there is more, 
Who desire and yearn for more
The Woman who is ready to Reclaim and rise in their relationship with self and others

The Woman who wants to FEEL her Power
To Express and Move with the pulsation of life


What this will look like

This is a 6 month container with a sisterhood that will be journeying the work alongside you. 

All the calls are facilitated online within our private Mighty Networks space

This will be where you can access the recordings and all other material required

Body as Temple

You will learn how to cultivate and land home in your physical Body. 

Create inner safety and nervous system work key embodiment tools for your journey into opening.

Temple of Sexuality

You will learn how to heal sexual trauma, work with sexual energy, pussy work and dearmoring. How to meet your multifaceted Woman in pleasure and rewrite your narrative around intimacy and sex

Temple of Fire

Here you will look at patterns, blocks, addictions, ego identities and deep shadow work of trauma and inner child & Maiden work



Temple of Truth

You will explore the underworld, the medicine of the womb. 

The darkness and the journey of death & rebirth to re emerge with a deeper connection to your Truth

The modules

Who this is for

For those that are willing to step into their power 

You have worked with Maddie already or in container before with another teacher

You have self responsibility and can hold a level of emotional maturity in this work


Who are ready to rise and reclaim and not play the damsel and needing to saved anymore

For the ones that are desiring to Feel the fullness of their life force and Feminine essence

You are committed to showing up to this container open to be mentored

The women that are ready to let the ego deaths happen and follow their intrinsic knowing

You are wanting to heal sexual trauma, and patterns that keep you blocked

Those that have a womb, or where the womb was

Who this is not for

If you are looking for a quick fix and goal driven outcome

If you have not worked in a group container before

Those that are not willing to show up to Live calls to work with Maddie to be adjusted. ( call times will vary to try work within different timezones)

What you are receiving by saying Yes!


1/ What if I cannot make the live calls?

All calls are recorded and uploaded to the Mighty Networks platform within 48 hrs. This is where all assignments, recordings, practices will be housed.

2/ Am I expected to share and talk on the live calls if I attend?

There is a level of self responsibility required in this program to share and be open to the adjustments and coaching within the space. If you attend the lives this way you can work with Maddie directly. Your camera must be on when you attend the lives.

3 / Do you offer refunds?

No there are no refunds for this program

FAQ's continued

4 / Is there a guarantee with this program?

No due to the nature of this being a mentoring program and not a training certification program there is not.

5 / Do you offer payment plans?

Yes there is payment options for this program

6 / Do I need anything specific for this?

You will need to set up a profile and download the Mighty Networks app which is free to do and also set up Zoom.

Privacy and undisturbed spaces are helpful for some of the practices we will be exploring

Red Rose

 I Want to know more... 

Send me an email and we will then jump on a 15 minute zoom call to see if working together is aligned and true

Thanks for submitting!

Follow the thread.....

  • 45$
    Every week
    Valid for 12 weeks
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